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About Boxing

The safety of amateur boxing has been well documented. The 1998 National Safety Council ranked boxing list in sports injuries, well below mainstream sports like wrestling, football, baseball, soccer and even bowling. Most of the negative publicity about the sport centers around professional boxing, which is much different than amateur boxing.

No other amateur sport takes more precautions in regard to safety than amateur boxing. Amateur boxers must receive a physical examination before and after each competition. Special protective equipment is mandatory for each competition. The primary directive of all amateur referees is the safety of the boxers. All competition gloves and headgear are required to contain exact combinations of shock absorbing foams to reduce the impact of a blow. In short, every possible precaution has been taken to keep amateur boxing safe.


In order for the sport of boxing to continue to thrive in the future, all attention and effort has to be dedicated to the safety of the boxer. Any coach that puts a new or inexperienced boxer in the ring to spar before teaching him the fundamentals of offense and defense has no business coaching youngsters. Sparring is practice boxing. There is nothing to practice if you haven't been taught anything. Putting inexperienced youngsters in the ring before the/re ready will harm a novice boxer, either physically or psychologically. Either way, you've lost the boxer. To put new kids in the ring to "see how tough they are" is insane and is an injustice to the sport.

Teach them offense and defense and require them to attain a level of proper conditioning before putting them in the ring. You'll have better developed boxers and a higher number of participants by taking this approach. Teach and make your boxers work on defense. Although much of the available equipment is geared towards offense, this is only half the game. Defense should be practiced each workout session just like hitting the heavybag. The less you get hit, the more fun boxing is. Learn from other coaches, their little tricks of coaching and conditioning, and implement them into your program. The worst coach is one that thinks he knows all there is to know.




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